Covid-19 Update, 4th January 2021

4th January 21

Student in Chemistry class

On Wednesday 30th December 2020 the UK Government updated their guidance on the re-opening of schools and colleges in January 2021.

More information on the government guidance can be found here. In all three of our colleges we are preparing for the start of term in line with these guidelines, this means that for students starting with us in January:

  • College accommodation will be open for students as normal and from the dates originally planned for the start of term. Students will be supported in boarding by house parents and our college pastoral teams.
  • At Abbey College Cambridge and DLD College London students will begin their learning remotely on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January 2021 respectively via the online learning platforms that our colleges have been successfully using throughout 2020. Abbey College Manchester’s term starts on Monday 11th January, when students will also begin their studies via remote learning.
  • Face-to-face lessons will begin from Monday 11th January 2021 at Abbey College Cambridge and DLD College London for students in year groups sitting exams in 2021 (years 11 & 13) and from Monday 18th January 2021 for all other students at Cambridge and London, and for all students at Manchester.
  • In-college Covid testing for staff and students will take place from the start of term. These will be ‘lateral flow’ tests which give results in 30 minutes and which will be conducted within the college in a safe and socially distanced environment. The use of this testing system will enable us to identify and isolate in the event of a positive case and track any close contacts. In conjunction with the covid mitigation measures already in place in our colleges, this system means that we expect to continue with face-to-face learning throughout the Spring term.

Each college will be providing more detailed guidance for new and returning students early next week. More information on the restart measures being taken by DLD College London can also be found here.