Abbey College Manchester Students Learn Sign Language

Some of our Abbey College Manchester students have taken on the daunting but very rewarding task of learning sign language. This is part of an initiative to promote equal access and to help improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people, and will help the aspiring students by giving them additional skills that will help them secure places at the most competitive universities in the UK. The students involved have expressed a genuine interest in learning to sign and experiencing how those who lead a silent life go through life.

British Sign Language is now the officially recognised language, but there are many users who don’t have full access to information and services like education, health and employment. The course is run by Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (DEAF) and they are dedicated to trying to change this by providing Deaf Awareness, Accredited Sign Language qualifications and Equality and Diversity Training. The enrichment programme runs for nine weeks and offers the students the chance to acquire the skills necessary to communicate effectively with Deaf people. the students are taught basic sign language and finger spelling as well as being given a broad overview of Deaf Awareness, showing what barries deaf and hard of hearing people face in their everyday lives.

Abbey College Manchester is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.