DLD College London Debating team

DLD College London took their Debating team to St Mary’s University, Twickenham to battle it out for the crown of one of the most prestigious debating competitions in the UK, the Debating Matters London South Champions, tackling a number of difficult topics throughout the day.

The DLD team team were made up of 6 debaters and 3 understudies. Resident Economics expert Shafiq used his knowledge to prepare the students as much as possible, ensuring they were ready to counter the ideas of their opponents.

During the first debate, focussed on Sport, Vikas and Nada bravely took on Putney High School. Both spoke clearly anbd listenined to their opponents before challenging their ideas with real energy and purpose. Alessia and Clara contested the second denate on Economics. It was a particularly tough debate versus the girls of Ursuline High School who were exceptionally well prepapred. The girls fought well with Alessia later receiving a special mention for her individual performance.

After lunch all the teams waited anxiously to hear the results and the team were absolutely thrilled to find the made through to the Semi-Finals. The subject was Online Privacy and Conor and Geoffrey argued passionately, and were very unfortunate no to win.

This was the first time the DLD Debating team had entered the competition and they can feel exceptionally proud to get all the way to the semi finals, coming very close to making the final. Despite losing our team chose to stay and watch the final showing great sportsmanship and just how willing they were to improve themselves as debaters.

It was a fantastic day for the college, the students had a fabulous time and learnt so much. The future of debating at DLD College London looks very bright indeed!

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DLD College London is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.