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Abbey College Manchester Engineering Enrichment Programme

This year Abbey College Manchester students have been allowed to chose their own projects for Engineering Enrichment, enabling our students to focus their activities towards their chosen future careers.

We had two projects delivered before Christmas. The first project involved designing a hovercraft which was powered by a leaf blower, looking at the mechanical, electrical and material science field. These students went on the build a full scale, working prototype that could carry one person. The second project was more design and build focussed and involved building a radio controlled car from scratch and driven by Bluetooth, helping our students develop electrical and computer engineering skills.

After Christmas our team has been investigating how to design and build an electric skateboard. The team are currently working through the design stages and are in to testing. The necessary parts have been ordered and assembled and then the skateboard was road tested to success!

Abbey College Manchester is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.