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Abbey College Manchester University Skills Module

Abbey College Manchester and Teeside University have started work together on a brand new University Skills Module for our A-Level students. This unique pilot project has involved thirteen students from across Years 12 and 13. Steve Wilkes, a Senior Lecturer in Safety, Disaster and Risk Management from Teeside University has been to the college twice now to teach students about report writing, referencing and ways of avoiding plagiarism.

The students chosen topic was about deigning, building, financing and marketing a wind turbine that will be built on a local farm close to Middlesbrough. During a recent residential event at Teeside University, the students were divided in to two teams; Team One were made up of Mathematics and Science based students, while Team Two were comprised of students studying business related courses. Team One were based in the university’s laboratory building the turbine and testing its efficiency. Team Two worked exclusively in the university’s business school with the aim of making sure the turbine would be viable in the market place. Once they’d finished their respective sides of the project, both teams came together to write a report and to present their results.

The objective of the whole project was to allow our students to bridge the gap between sixth form and university study, and to give our students some real life experience of working in industry, while at the same time helping our students develop their communication, public speaking, teamwork and research skills. The project was a resounding success and Abbey COllege Manchester looks forward to working with Teeside University again on the University Skills Module next year and for the foreseeable future.

Abbey College Manchester is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.