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Abbey College Cambridge Business Students Visit Jaguar Land Rover

Abbey College Cambridge Academic Summer and Pre-Diploma Business Studies students visited the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull this week to gain some vital practical insight in to operations management.

Aquired by TATA from FORD ten years ago, the car manufacturer has enjoyed massive investment during this time and has doubled it capacity with the very latest robotics. During the morning, our students were given an overview of the company before being divided into twp groups – one going on a supervided factory tour while the others engaged in some team activites. After lunch they swapped over.

Student engaged in activities based around communication and lean production techniques. At times the students became very competitive and excelled at building models to order in short time.

The factory tour offered students first-hand visibility of the end to end production of the Range Rover models. All the students asked very insightful Operations and Human Resources questions and everyone loved seeing the cars and robotics in action, bringing the text book to life in a unique and exciting fashion. All in all it was a rally great day out and one we will look to repeat in years to come.

Abbey College Cambridge is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.