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Abbey College Manchester Engineers in the Electric Car Challenge

Some budding engineers from Abbey College Manchester are participating in this year’s UK Greenpower Challenge, where teams are tasked with designing, building and then racing an electric car. Run by the Greenpower Education Trust, a UK based charity, this is a national initiative and competition.

The college bought a kit car from Greenpower and our science and engineering students are currently hard at work building the car with an eye to completing the project by January 2019. There is a great deal of inter departmental collaboration going on within the college with the science and engineering students building the car, the Art and Design students designing the livery and branding of the car, while the Business and Economics students are trying to raise sponsorship and market the idea.

When the car has been completed the plan is to run a series of tests in January, and then to compete in up to ten IET Formula 24+ regional championship rounds at well-known UK motor circuit venues, before finally taking part in the International Final held at Rockingham Motor Speedway. During thehigh profile race events the car will take part in a series of 60 minute endurance races to see which team can go the furthest distance within the time limit and go on to win.

Abbey College Manchester is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.