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Students of the Week, October 2018

Abbey College Cambridge Student Salita

Salita Som from Cambodia is a second year A-Level student, and she was nominated as Student of the Week for her ‘hardworking attitude as well as her cheerful and extremely helpful demeanour’. Salita is a school ambassador and has been an exceptionally helpful and kind member of the tutor group, and is almost always the first to volunteer. Only yesterday she offered to do a presentation on the drug Thalidomide during the PDD session yesterday. Her presentation was excellent. She spoke beautifully and intelligently and set a fantastic example on how to research and deliver a presentation. Always prepared to go above and beyond, her PowerPoint was very well put together and her ideas will be put to great use in her UCAS Personal Statement.

Abbey College Cambridge Student Wang

Wang Ruiyu (Jaden) is from China and he is a first year A-Level student. ‘Not only has Jaden scored 100% in the first Topic Test, he is utterly devoted to his studies; he has attended multiple Cambridge University lectures (which he has then proceeded to tell me all about during lunch times…) and is always the first to volunteer a response in class. Further to this, he is a wonderful team player – both patient and generous with his peers who either do not possess his prior learning in the subject nor the level of English language to communicate their points as succinctly.’

Abbey College Cambridge Student Ashleigh

Ashleigh Hepburn from the Bahamas and is studying for the International Foundation Programme. She was nominated by her Business tutor Eavan ‘for being an outstanding student. She always goes above and beyond. Consistently works hard, is highly committed and is an excellent role model for other Foundation students. She has supported new students that have recently arrived helping them to catch up.’

Students of the Week, November 2018

Abbey College Cambridge Student Yuping

A Level student Yu Yiping (Ingrid) is from China and she was nominated by her Housemaster for ‘Epitomizing the spirit of the Zeus House. She has exceptional stage test results and is involved in numerous extra-curricular activities. Always available to help others. Boarding team and teachers always give her a glowing reference.’

Abbey College Cambridge Student Aerin

British A-Level student Aerin Kim was nominated as Student of the Week because she ‘scored the highest in the Literature Stage Test and has transformed the way she writes since last year, to now be a confident, competent essay writer. This nomination is a wonderful reward for her hard work and determination to improve her level of performance.’

Abbey College Cambridge Student Fadlalla

The last Student of the Week award for November has gone to pre-Sessional student Fadlalla Edris. Fadella is from the Sudan and was nominated by his IELTS tutor for ‘making a real effort with his English, is always positive and cheerful, interacts well with his peers and makes a real effort to speak English. He also attends ukulele club.’

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