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Regent Brass Band Practise at DLD College London

This week on Wednesday the Regent Brass Band held their first rehearsal at DLD College London. The Regent Brass Band are a semi-professional outfit, preparing for a top level national competition in a few weeks’ time. Paul Archibald is the Conductor. Paul is a famous trumpeter and visiting professor of brass at the Royal College and Academy of Music.

The band were incredible. The music they were practising is very challenging, having many difficult twists and being incredibly fast in places. They seemed to deal with everything easily and took it all in their stride. The rehearsals are the first of many and this is a great opportunity for everyone at DLD. When the band is established at DLD they have offered free lessons to the students (and eventually to the local community) and also collaborate in upcoming DLD concerts. </p

DLD College London is part of the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges.