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An Outsanding British Education with Abbey DLD

Our group of leading international colleges based in Cambridge, London and Manchester offer high quality GCSE, A Level and Foundation Programmes for students looking to start their studies this September 2021.

Our colleges have many years’ experience of teaching and supporting international students. Expert teachers create individual development plans and work closely in small classes to help each student achieve their academic and personal goals.

BNO visa holders are eligible for EEA fees, please see below for more details


Find out more about the academic programmes available at each of our colleges this September by clicking on the links below.

Across all three colleges, academic results are some of the best in the UK. The majority of our students progress on to top-ranked UK universities.

2020 Results & Destinations Highlights

  • Around one third of Abbey DLD students achieved A* at A Level, 62% of students achieved grades A*-A
  • Over 70% average student score on our International Foundation programme
  • One third of GCSE students achieved the highest grades (9 or 8)
  • 4 Students progressed to Oxbridge Colleges
  • 30% of students joined a top 5 UK University
  • 50% of students joined a top 10 ranked UK University


5 Reasons to Study at Abbey DLD


Our colleges have many years’ experience of teaching and supporting international students. This means that we can create persopnalised learning plans and work closely with our students to achieve their academic and personal goals.


Our teachers are experienced, full time professionals, experts in their fields who know the curriculum inside and out. We only select teachers who share our passion to work with international students.


Across a wide-range of programmes, our students’ results stand up against the best in the country. We take prode in the fact that the majority of our students progress to top ranked universities.


We know how important it is to feel at home whilst you study. That’s why our college boarding facilities have some of the highest specifications you will find, with luxury, safety and confort our priorities.


Our colleges all offer a wide range of after school and weekend clubs and activities, many of which are inclusive of feed. We believe that students should gain a wide range of experiences outside of their studies and fully experience UK culture and life.

Tuition Fees

International Tuition Fees:

Course Abbey College Cambridge DLD College London Abbey College Manchester
£ £ £
GCSE (per year) 32,085 31,930 21,680
A Level (per year) 32,085 31,930 25,415
1 Year International Foundation Programme 32,085 31,930 25,415
Pre-Sessional (Per term) 9,115 9,065
Academic Studies with Football (including accommodation) n/a n/a 31,775
2 Year BTEC (Per Year) 31,930

Students permanently relocating to the UK using the BNO visa are eligible for EEA fees.

EEA Tuition Fees:

Course Abbey Colleg Cambridge DLD College London Abbey College Manchester
£ £ £
GCSE (per year) 25,175 25,055 12,205
A Level (per year) 25,175 25,055 13,725
1 Year International Foundation Programme 25,175 25,055 15,915
Pre-Sessional (Per term) 7,230 7,185
Academic Studies with Football (excluding accommodation) n/a n/a 15,860
2 Year BTEC (Per Year) 25,055


COURSES Available

Pre-sessional – Academic Preparation 13 – 17 years Cambridge, London GCSE, A Level, IFP
Birtish Boarding School Experience 14 – 21 years Cambridge, London, Manchester Any full course
GCSE 13 – 16 years Cambridge, London, Manchester A Level, IFP, BTEC
A Level 16 – 19 years Cambridge, London, Manchester Undergratduate course at university
International Foundation Programme (IFP) 17 – 21 years Cambridge, London, Manchester Undergraduate course at university
Academic Studies with Football / Basketball Training 14 – 21 years Manchester A level, IFP, Undergraduate course at university
BTEC 17 – 21 years London Undergraduate course at university


For a full breakdown of courses available in our colleges, click here


A-level Results 2020 (Average across our three colleges):

A*- 29%

A*-A – 62%

A*-B – 84%

International Foundation Programme Results 2020:

The average foundation score achieved by Abbey DLD students this year stands at an amazing 73%, a score that would enable progression to a wide range of undergraduate course at prestigious UK institutions such as Durham University, the University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, Exeter University, and the University of Surrey.

Each of our colleges has also been celebrating average scores of over 70%. The average score at Abbey College Cambridge was 75%, at DLD College London it was 72%, and at Abbey College Manchester 71%, a mark of the quality of foundation programme delivered by all three of our Abbey DLD Colleges. See the full list here.

University Progression

2020 Student Destinations

Every year Abbey DLD students move on to join some of the world’s most prestigious and highly ranked universities. Here is a summary of our 2020 student destinations.

A Level, Top 20 UK Universities

Student Nationality/Region Grades Achieved Course
1.University of Oxford
Haedam Korean A*A*A*A* Engineering
Sid British A*A*A* History
Yiping Chinese A*A*A* Experimental Psychology
2.University of Cambridge
Agustin Uruguyan/Italian A*A*A*A* Natural History
3.Imperial College London
Huy Vinh Vietnamese A*AA Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Jiachun Chinese A*AA Chemistry
Nazaninsadat Iranian A*A*A*A* Mathematics
Victoria Nigerian A*A*A* Chemical Engineering
Zhuoni Chinese A*A*A*A* Computing
4.University College London
Andi Chinese A*A*A* Chemistry
Bilqiss Nigerian A*AA Engineering (Mechanical)
Chun Jin Chinese A*A*A*A* Computer Science
Honghe Chinese A*AA Economics
Guangshu Chinese A*AA Mechanical Engineering
Grace British A*AA Natural Sciences
Jiang Chinese A*A*A* Mathematics and Physics
Jimin Korean A*A*A* Management Science
Jin Chinese A*A*AA Economics
Kristina Belarussian A*A*AA Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
Pak Hei Korean AAA Biomedical Science
Phattarsaya Thai A*A*A Applied Medical Science
Ruiyu Chinese A*A*A Management Science
Ruohan Chinese A*A*A Statistics, Economics and Finance
Tuo Chinese A*A*AA Mathematics
Yijia Chinese A*A*A Psychology with Education
Yiming Chinese A*A*A History, Politics and Economics
Yu Chinese A*A*A Mathematics and Physics
Yujie Chinese ABB Archaeology
Yundong Chinese A*AA Engineering (Mechnical)
Yunsi Chinese A*A*A* Mathematics
Shinji Japanese A*AA Information Management for Business
Tomiris Kazakh AAAB History, Politics and Economics
Trieu Anh Vietnamese A*A*A*A* Applied Medical Sciences
Xiang Chinese A*A*A* Engineering (Mechanical)
Xiawen Chinese A*ABB Pharmacy
Xushing Chinese AAAB Social Sciences with Quantative Methods
Zekai Chinese A*AA Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
Zixin Chinese A*AA Information Management
Zhuoran Chinese A*A*A* Chemistry
5.London School of Economics and Political Science
Gelun Chinese AAB Management
Jiang Chinese A*A*A*A* Economics
Le Linh Chi Vietnamese A*A*AB Economics
Monica Cambodian A*A*A* Management
William Uzbek A*AAA Management
Yao Chinese A*A*A*A* Mathematics, Business and Statistics
Ye Chinese A*A*A*A* Economics
6.University of Edinburgh
Heng Chinese ABB Accounting and Finance
Ievgen Ukrainian A*A*A*A* Chemical Engineering
7. King’s College London
Ailun Chinese BAB Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Aizi Chinese AAA Business Management
Alireza Iranian A*AB Biomedical Science
Alramina Kazakh A*A*A* Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Banghan Chinese A*AA Mathematics with Management
Daniil Russian A*A*A* Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Fatima British AAA Buiomedical Science
Jun Yi Malaysian A*A*A Computer Science
Oleksandra Ukranian A*A*A*A Information Management
Pier Giorgio Swiss A*BC General Engineering
Vafa Azerbaijani A*A*A* Psychology
Yixuan Chinese C Mathematics
8. University of Manchester
Anushka British AA Medicine
Awan British ABB Religion and Theology
Beth British AAA Midwifery
Bing Chinese A*A*A*A* Computer Science
Christian Malayisan AAB Architecture
Danial Iranian AAB Pharmacy
Deniz Iranian AAB Pharmacy
Eleanor British A*B Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Elza Latvian AAA Accounting and Finance
Fai Sin Hong Konger ABB Electrical, Electronic and Mechatronic Engineering
Freddie British A*A* Mathematics
Hanifi Iranian AAA Pharmacy
Muhammed British AAB Business Accounting
Jialun Chinese A*A*A*A* Mathematics and Computer Science
Rasheeq Malaysian AAA Chemical Engineering
Rizvi British AB Pharmacy
Yifan Chinese A*A*A Electrical and Electronic Engineering
9.University of Warwick
Ai Xin Malaysian ABB Biomedical Science
Changxin Singaporean A*A*AA Economics
Luca British AAC French and Economics
Ming Chinese A*AAA Mathematics and Statistics
Tiang Chinese A*A*A Economics
Yan Chinese A*A*AB Accounting and Finance
Yijia Chinese A*A*A*B Mathematics and Statistics
Xiangyu Chinese A*A*AA Economics
Zhipu Chinese A*A*A* Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, Economics (MORSE)
Zirui Chinese A*A*AA Law
10.University of Bristol
Jue Chinese AAB Management
Sahasmeancheytheary Cambodian AAB Cellular and Molecular Biology
Sophie British AB Ancient History
11. University of Glasgow
Azgam Kazakh BBC Aeronautical Enginnering
Esther British A Philosophy
12.University of Birmingham
Muhammed Iranian AAB Biomedical Sciences
13.Queen Mary University of London
Alice Italian AAA Neuroscience
Aaliyah Nigerian AAA Chemical Engineering
Andrea Slovakian ABB Film Studies and Drama
Danial Nigerian ABA Politics and International Relations
Imangali Kazakh AAA Computer Science and Mathematics
Jefri Malaysian ABB Law
Yubei Chinese A*ABC Mathematics with Finance & Accounting
Vashnavi Malayisan ABB Mathematics with Finance & Accounting
15.University of Southampton
Anh Vu Vietnamese A*A*A Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence
16.University of York
Archie British BBB Politics
Beth British A*A Midwifery
Maddie British A* Medicine
17. Lancaster University
Olamide Ibrahim Nigerian A*BB Mechanical Engineering
18.Durham University
Diogo Portugese A*A*A*A English Literature
Khoi Nguyen Vietnamese AAA Finance
Tianhao Chinese A*A Mathematics
Xiaohan Chinese A*A*A* Law
19. University of Nottingham
Jiho Nigerian A*BB Pharmacy
=20.University of Leeds
Mohammadin Iranian A*AB Civil Engineering
Rashad Iranian A*AA Computer Science
=20.University of Sussex
Negin Iranian AAA Life Sciences




The UK has vaccinated all high-risk individuals and has invited most UK adults to take the vaccine. We expect everyone over the age of 18 to be vaccinated ahead of the UK Government’s 31st July 2021 target. This means that Covid-19 cases remain low as the country eases its lockdown restrictions. We expect the UK government to make a decision on offering Covid-19 vaccinations to under-18’s shortly.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, all 3 of the Abbey DLD Colleges have remained open, and we have maintained a Covid-19 secure environment through the introduction of additional safety measures. As we return to full capacity, we will continue to ensure the safety of all students and staff by continuing to implement the following safety measures:

  • Students will be met on arrival at the airport by a college representative
  • All college accommodation and communal areas will be deep-cleaned and fully Covid-19 sanitised prior to the student’s arrival
  • Covid-19 secure campus measures including thermal cameras on entry, social distancing signage, and hand sanitisation will continue to remain in place
  • Visitors will be required to complete a Covid-19 test prior to visiting the College

Students from amber & red list countries will quarantine in Abbey DLD accommodation. Students will be collected from the airport by a college representative and will quarantine in the college boarding house with other students, those traveling from a red list country will not be placed with students traveling from an amber list country. During quarantine, all students will receive:

  • 3 meals per day
  • A full induction and activity schedule
  • Regular contact from their houseparent
  • Access to cleaning materials on request

Please note whilst in quarantine, cleaning staff are unable to enter a student’s bedroom but will supply fresh linen and towels, and offer a collected laundry service


Our courses are for students between 14-21 years of age. 

Abbey DLD – Group of Colleges are fee-paying colleges
With tuition fees ranging from £26,000-£32,000 per annum excluding accommodation (£14,000-£26,000 per annum EEA fees excluding accommodation)

Student must be between the age of 14-21 to study at Abbey DLD Group of Colleges
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