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Abulziz Ramzi Alnassar

Abulziz Ramzi Alnassar

Originating from Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz joined DLD in September 2014 in order to deepen his knowledge of Business theory and practice. He immediately made a fi rm impression as a serious academic student, one who clearly enjoyed discussing wider global business concerns that he perceived to be signifi cant. He has made an enthusiastic contribution to the Student Council, where his peers elected him as Vice President for Culture and Social Events. In this capacity he honed his obvious skill in public speaking and widened his experience of acting in a leadership role.

His warm-hearted and approachable manner made a lasting impression on his peers, and we are delighted that he now has the opportunity to study Business Management in preparation for what will undoubtedly be a successful career.

Abdulaziz is going to study Business Management at the University of Westminster.


Business Foundation Programme


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December 30, 2015