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Alberto Terzic

Alberto Terzic

Alberto came to DLD College London from his high school in Bulgaria to gain the qualifications to study science at a top British university. He soon became popular with both fellow students and teachers for his genuine good humour and his modesty about his considerable achievements. We were hugely impressed by his outstanding learning ethos and the deeply thoughtful approach he took to his studies and to life. He loved to engage with arguments and concepts, and one of the high points of his week was explaining his thinking in Maths Club. Alberto has many talents but was particularly interested in the physics of the very small and large. He read widely and enjoyed discussing the meaning of ideas in Quantum Physics with his peers and tutors.

Alberto made a big impact on college life, becoming the top goal scorer in the college basketball team. Notably, he swam twice across the Danube River and completed a 4,400 metre swimming marathon in the Black Sea.

Alberto has gone to study Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London.


A Chemistry
A Mathematics
B Physics


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October 24, 2018