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Chowdhury Mahmud Bin Harun

Chowdhury Mahmud Bin Harun

“While studying at DLD I was given the opportunity to become a mentor for one of the GCSE students, this enhanced my leadership quality and improved my communication skills.  Class sizes at DLD are small enabling teachers to concentrate on every student individually. The teachers have immense knowledge about their subject, are always willing to answer any questions you have even outside of class, and always encourage you and treat every student equally.

DLD has taught me some very useful attributes in life and prepared me perfectly for the next stage of my life. After studying A Levels, I can see I am now more confident and prepared to take risks and challenge myself.”

Chowdhury is going to King’s College London to study Economics and Management .


Maths A*
Further Maths A*
Economics A
Physics A


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September 22, 2016