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Duy Phong Dinh

Duy Phong Dinh

“I came to Abbey College Manchester because I wanted to give myself the best education possible. I had heard good things about the college which turned out to be true. The teachers were great and were patient with me. The location was also ideal as it is right in the centre of the city. I was one of a few Vietnamese students at the college. This was nice because it gave me the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and learn about their cultures whilst still having a close group of friends. I also met lots of students from Manchester. My two years at the college have given me great memories. While I am delighted to be going to a fantastic university, I shall miss the college.”

Duy Phong Dinh has gone to the University of Warwick to read Economics.


Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A
Chemistry C


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December 31, 2015