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Ekaterina Bobina

Ekaterina Bobina

Ekaterina came to London from St Petersburg in 2016 with the singular ambition of studying Fine Art at university in the UK. Ekaterina was a passionate and committed practitioner who embraced the extensive practical facilities provided by the creative arts faculty at DLD. Ekaterina also took advantage of every opportunity to pursue her passion further in a city that is a thriving hub of the international art world. Ekaterina has dedicated herself to developing skills in all areas of the visual arts; she has done so in order to provide herself with the broadest possible aesthetic vocabulary with which to present and explore her often very philosophical and psychological themes. Her ambitious work was much influenced by a reading of nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy and literature. Her independent research project explored androgynous fashion traditions in England and Russia. Ekaterina’s achievements have been recognised by an Independent Schools’ Association National Prize.

Ekaterina continues to succeed since she was able to combine talent, ambition, self-discipline and an ongoing determination to develop and to refine her skills.

Ekaterina has gone to study at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture.


A* Fine Art
A* Photography
A Graphic Communication


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October 24, 2018