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Gina Wojciechowska

Gina Wojciechowska

Gina joined DLD College London in September 2016 from Poland. Her academic profile showed her to be a highly capable student with top grades in all of the mandatory high school subjects. Despite being younger than most of her peers, she has always been among the top students in her cohort. At the end of Year 12, and after studying Business for the first time, Gina realised that her subject combination was not ideal for her university plans which were now focused on Management. After some excellent guidance by her Director of Study, she transferred her studies to the IFP. This was a risk at the time as Gina had never studied Economics before, but her impressive repertoire of study skills made this a seamless transition. Throughout the entire year, she maintained a remarkably consistent score of 77% in all elements of the Programme. This led to her being awarded the College prize for the IFP Business and Economics pathway at our first graduation event in the Palace of Westminster. She now leaves us to study management at SOAS University of London.

Gina has gone to SOAS University of London to study Management.


Foundation course: Business and Economics


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October 24, 2018