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Han-Chieh Yang

Han-Chieh Yang

Previous School:

Lansdowne College

Year Group:

A Level, Upper Sixth

A Level Subjects:

Biology A*
Chemistry A*
Mathematics A*
Physics A*


Medicine at the University of Cambridge

“The most enjoyable aspect of Abbey, to me, is the culturally diverse environment, where students from different parts of the world meet up and live together. Cambridge has a very strong academic vibe. It’s a privilege to study in here with the cleverest students and professors in the world. To me, the teaching system here is systematic, in the sense that various resources are given to help students achieve their full potential. For example, tutorials are provided for those who need a more detailed or personal explanation to enhance their understanding. Academic evenings, clubs and the Pre-Degree Diploma are also given for those who want challenges and more advanced knowledge.”


Posted on

October 8, 2019