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Imran Isa-Dutse

Imran Isa-Dutse

DLD is unlike most traditional colleges, it gives its students more freedom to express themselves, widen their horizons and develop into young adults. Most importantly with a little help from the staff, students can just be themselves.

 Whilst studying at the college, I participated in many extra-curricular activities, including, boxing, circuit training and archery. All of these were fantastic, fun and an excellent way to de-stress.

Studying in the heart of London was brilliant. The city is very diverse and always bubbling with activity, it provides a great sea of opportunities to learn and explore.

I had a great time at DLD, met some amazing people and made some fantastic friends. Thanks to DLD I feel more confident, independent and prepared to go onto university and continue with my education.

Imran has gone to the University of Bath to study Computer Science with placement.


Economics A
Mathematics B
Physics C
Computer Science C


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September 22, 2017