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Irdina Syahirah Mohd

Irdina Syahirah Mohd

Previous School:

Sri Kdu Secondary School

Year Group:

A Level, Upper Sixth

A Level Subjects:

Biology A
Chemistry A
Mathematics A


Biological Sciences at Imperial College London

“Teachers are always there to answer any doubts regarding the lesson or anything outside the syllabus. They push you beyond your limits to unleash your full potential and always make lessons fun while ensuring the topics are well understood. The Pre-Degree Diploma programme gave us the opportunity to come up with our own research topic, which was a stepping stone for me into the research world. This has matured my thinking and taught me how to always aim high and try my best to achieve my goals. The extra evening sessions touch on subjects that are not taught in the syllabus, and has sparked my interest even more. Abbey Cambridge has given memories that I’ll always cherish. It has been an unforgettable experience.”


Posted on

October 7, 2019