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Jonathan Henrich

Jonathan Henrich


Los Angeles College of Music


Composition and Songwriting


Jonathan joined DLD to study GCSE Music in 2016. DLD provided him with the perfect mix of opportunity, creative freedom and expert tuition from nationally recognised musicians. Very quickly he impressed us with his musical talent as well as a confident stage presence. He is a singer and pianist in the tradition of Elton John and Billy Joel, and often covered their work in our concerts. Jonathan took advantage of all the numerous artistic opportunities offered during his time at DLD including winning the College’s Starsearch talent contest, and was a runner up on two other occasions.
Jonathan is a fine pop composer and one of his most recent compositions, ‘The Girl from where the Road Ends’ is a highly accomplished and memorable song. Jonathan sings in a trademark falsetto style, which immediately give his work uniqueness and emotional rawness.
Jonathan will be studying Music Composition and Songwriting at the Los Angeles College of Music. This puts him in an ideal place to further his career, close to Hollywood. We are confident that we will be seeing much more of Jonathan, whether performing on stage and screen or working behind the scenes in film and television.


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October 14, 2019