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Kiatlego Mompati

Kiatlego Mompati

Originating from Botswana, Katlego joined DLD in September 2014 excited to study in the UK as a country with many differences from his home country. He was especially interested in development economic issues and was keen to try and understand why some countries appear to be economically successful and others are less so. Katlego feels that through his A Level and  university studies he might one day be able to apply his knowledge to help improve his home country.

Katlego has demonstrated a high level of commitment with an evident intention to achieve his goals single-mindedly. He has set himself resolutely on studying Economics at a leading British university as a stepping stone towards satisfying his ambitions. We fully expect him to succeed in his ambitions.

Kiatlego is going to study Economics at City University London.


Economics A
Chemistry B
Mathematics C


Posted on

September 22, 2016