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Like Hu

A Level Subjects:

Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Economics A




Mathematics with Economics


Like joined DLD College in September 2017 after completing his GCSEs. He possessed a sharp intellect coupled with an excellent work ethic and a vision to push himself well beyond the requirements of his studies, reading widely in Economics. Being a reflective student he always yearned for a comprehensive and detailed understanding in his studies.
He became interested in Economics from a young age operating an investment account that taught him much about market forces and movements. At 16 he made his first real estate investment making an impressive return in a short time. Once in the UK he familiarised himself with the markets by registering with an online broker.
Recognising Like’s appetite for Mathematics, DLD offered him opportunities to showcase his abilities; he was a British Mathematics Olympiad qualifier and the captain of the DLD Maths team in the UK Mathematics Team Challenge, finishing fourth out of forty in the regional round.
Like had a sense of fun for learning and a natural curiosity which enabled him to excel in his studies and make the most of the opportunities at DLD.


Posted on

October 14, 2019