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Mathieu Deschenes

Mathieu Deschenes

A Level Subjects:

Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Physics A*

Advanced Extension Award:



University of Bristol


Mathematics and Computer Science


Mathieu is a superb mathematician, a rigorous logician, and an ambitious programmer. He came to DLD College in September 2017 from Collège Trinité in Montréal, Canada, and upon arrival demonstrated his keen intellect and ambition. Mathieu had a well-developed interest in artificial intelligence – specifically neural networks and deep learning, and he demonstrated his insights in a personal project investigating the use of Big Data and Machine Learning in consumer credit rating assessments. Mathieu’s problem- solving skills meant that he could apply himself meticulously to challenging tasks; his conceptual ability saw him excel in all of his academic disciplines, achieving the highest possible grades across the board.
DLD offered Mathieu a number of unique learning and development opportunities outside the classroom, he was an influential member of the Mathematics and Science faculties; a keen participant in Olympiads, and he was the recruiter and promoter of the educational trip to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. We are sure that with the fantastic grounding at DLD he will go on to thrive at university and he is destined to become a considerable contributor to the field of Computer Science.


Posted on

October 14, 2019