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Mia Langnier

Mia Langnier

Mia came to DLD in September 2015 to study for her A levels. Completely bilingual and a gifted student, she arrived with excellent GCSE results in 11 subjects, a remarkable achievement since she was a year younger than her cohort of students. Owing to a sports injury in 2015 she was not able to sit all her AS exams. Utterly determined to achieve her ambition of becoming a doctor, Mia decided to restart her A levels at DLD. Her intellectual ability shone through in her outstanding marks, putting her at the very top of the cohort of science students. Mia is a highly intelligent and resilient student with considerable personal charm and strong interpersonal skills. Her university place to study Medicine is a well-deserved reward for her hard work and perseverance. We believe that she will be ideally suited to a career as a doctor

Mia has gone to the University of Buckingham to study Medicine.


Biology A*
Maths A
Chemistry A
French A


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September 22, 2017