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Muheng Cai

Muheng Cai

IFP Engineering:



University of Sussex


Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence


Muheng joined DLD College in September 2018. He had taken his high school certificate in China and received private tuition in Mathematics, ICT, Physics and Chemistry to prepare himself for his studies in the UK. At DLD with the support of the staff from the IFP Department, Muheng made remarkably fast progress despite a lack of continuity in his previous education. Staff nurtured his passion for the subject and coupled with his determination and hard work he has been rewarded by achieving a place at Sussex University to study his dream subject.
Muheng has been interested in computer programming since a young age. He is passionate about protecting the environment and is very keen to use his expertise and his professional skills
in future to help protect our natural world and endangered species.
After completing his first degree he is hoping to pursue a master’s degree and then a PhD.


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October 14, 2019