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Renata Katc

Renata Katc

Renata transferred to us for her A2 year in order to benefi t from the expert, academic and creative learning experience DLD offers. She proved herself to be a talented and motivated student, who thrived in DLD’s supportive and nurturing environment. Renata’s ability to take creative risks and experiment in Photography was particularly impressive, and resulted in extremely notable coursework and fi nal projects. Renata is not only intelligent, conscientious and ambitious, but her consideration for others constantly impressed. She exemplifi ed the best academic, creative, and personal qualities that DLD would want from a student.

We are sure she will thrive at Bristol University and go on to achieve a career in Film and Television.

Renata has gone to the University of Bristol to study Film and Television.


Art A*
History of Art B
English Literature C


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December 30, 2015