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Rui Liu

Rui Liu joined DLD College, in January 2014, on the College’s fast-track 18-month A-level programme. Originally from China, Rui studied in the USA prior to her arrival at DLD and from the outset, it was perfectly clear that she was an extraordinary student with drive, energy and 100 percent commitment to achieving her goal of reading Mathematics at university. Such was her passion for, and ability in this subject that she not only consistently achieved exceptional results, but was resolute in wanting to extend her knowledge by sitting all eighteen Mathematics modules. Rui was determined to succeed and yet despite a very busy schedule, she found time to play traditional Chinese string instruments (the Guzheng and Pipa) and performed in concerts and recitals. She was also generous with her time and gave up some of her lunch periods to help those who found Mathematics difficult. Her peers respected and admired her as she was kind, helpful and approachable.

Rui has gone to the University of London to study Mathematics and Economics.


Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Economics A
Physics A


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December 30, 2015