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Sarah Dittrich

Sarah Dittrich

“DLD College is innovative, fun and enriching. Before I came to DLD I found the idea of living in another country very daunting. Boarding at DLD, I encountered lots of students who were in the same position as me, many of whom have become my close friends. As a Boarder, I had access to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Refectory, which serves affordable, healthy and delicious food.

The best thing about DLD is the teaching. Most of my teachers are published authors and all of them know their subjects incredibly well. In lessons you can tell that they have a genuine passion for the topics they teach, which encouraged me to become interested in my subjects beyond the classroom.”


History A*
Government & Politics A
English Literature A
German (AS) A

Sarah is going to study History at


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September 22, 2016