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Szu Ching Kuan

Szu Ching Kuan

International Foundation Programme in Advanced Maths and Economics:

85% (Distinction)


Durham University




Szu Ching joined us at DLD in September 2018 after studying in Taiwan, China. She chose to study the International Foundation Programme in Advanced Maths and Economics. Szu Ching was an enthusiastic student who demonstrated a sense of diligence and determination towards her subjects, her natural abilities in both Maths and Economics were evident from the very beginning of her time at DLD College. In Economics, Szu Ching was able to confidently make comparisons between the economic systems of her home country and that of the UK. In Mathematics, her teachers commented on how she was confidently able to handle complex scenarios as well as her ability to master the intricacies of pure mathematics. Throughout the entire year, she maintained remarkably high scores and in her final exams she scored an 85% overall in the IFP Programme as a result she has successfully secured a place to study Economics at Durham University.


Posted on

October 14, 2019