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Thar San Naing

Thar San Naing

Previous School:

MCTA: RVI Academy

Year Group:

A Level, Upper Sixth

A Level Subjects:

Chemistry A*
Mathematics A*
Physics A


Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London

“I get lots of time with my teachers, and they’re all super kind and helpful. I can ask them for help, which I often do, and they cover the whole idea of the concept, so I get a better grasp of the idea and not just that particular question. It is really helpful. The Pre-Degree Diploma greatly improved my research skills and made me a better team player. It also made me aware of how to write a great scientific report. My goal is to ace my final exams and go to Imperial College London, then I hope to gain my masters from Oxbridge. I am confident that Abbey has prepared me to do this.”


Posted on

October 8, 2019