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Vlad Kolev

Vlad Kolev

Vlad came to study A-Levels at DLD College London in 2016. A keen Mathematician, he was naturally very able when it came to studying Economics. After reading the autobiographies of Richard Branson and Jack Ma in the summer of 2017, Vlad made the decision to study Management at university. The IFP pathway in Business and Economics was an ideal course for him to continue his studies in Economics whilst also learning the core business theory to give him a head start at university. Thus, he transferred his studies to the IFP whilst continuing with A Level Mathematics. Business was a new subject and, therefore, Vlad had to work very hard to assimilate a large amount of content in time for the January exam. His diligence was rewarded with an excellent grade in this exam among others. Vlad will now be studying Economics at the University of Bath after gaining a hugely impressive score in the IFP, 83%, and a B grade in A Level Mathematics.

Vlad has gone to the University of Bath to study Economics.


Business and Ecomnomics Pathway


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October 24, 2018