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Volha Kachan

Volha Kachan

Volha Kachan came to us in September 2015 from Belarus. Through her excellent work ethic and real academic ability, she has obtained outstanding results on the DLD International Foundation Programme. Graduating with distinction from this intensive course in Economics, Business, Maths, Law and IT, with an amazing examination mark of 89%, Volha has secured a place at the prestigious CASS Business School in London to study Banking and International Finance.

Volha has already demonstrated her exceptionally high standards in her top grade Attestat results, and has shown huge tenacity in her training for both dance and tennis. Already bilingual, Volha is a highly talented student destined for a great future in International Business.”

Volha is going to study Banking and International Finance at City University London.

International Foundation Programme

Achieved distinction


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September 22, 2016