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Xizang Ye

Xizang Ye

A Level Subjects:

Mathematics A
Further Mathematics A
Chemistry A


King’s College London




Xizhang came to DLD College in September 2018 to complete her A level courses and to apply to study Chemistry at undergraduate level. After only a brief time at the College Xizhang was identified as a superb mathematician whose conscientiousness and hard work laid the foundation for her excellent skills and understanding as a chemist. The volume of work that Xizhang was able to cover in a brief period of time was truly astonishing and profoundly impressed her teachers.
Although she did not take the A level course, Xizhang is also a passionate physicist; she expressed a wish to learn more about the relationship between quantum theory and chemistry; she specifically hoped to research quantum chemistry as part of her university degree. She was interested in the ways in which the scientific disciplines complement one another and interconnect; her postgraduate studies are likely to develop into the field of Natural Sciences. We wish Xizhang the very best in her future career and we celebrate the significant impact she had in a relatively short time at DLD.


Posted on

October 14, 2019