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Yamin Aye

Yamin Aye

A Level Subjects:

Economics A*
Mathematics A*
Physics A


London School of Economics




Yamin joined DLD College in September 2017. During her time here she was totally dedicated to her studies; the subject leaders taught Yamin to become a sophisticated learner, and she developed a deep understanding through thinking and questioning. She was never a passive recipient of the knowledge presented by her teachers. Rather, she was genuinely thoughtful and concerned to apply theories to the world around her. She manifested the qualities of consistency and resilience when faced with academic hurdles. Yamin always saw the benefit of her academic studies for her future career.
Yamin’s desire to progress to university in order to study Management stemmed from a determination to contribute towards improving the economic growth of her country. She believed the right allocation of resources, good communications and teamwork are vital in ensuring that projects are completed efficiently.


Posted on

October 14, 2019