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Yating Wu

Yating Wu

Yating Wu has delighted us with her outstanding progress and work ethic. Joining Year 12 from her home in Zhe Jiang Province, China, she showed that a real determination to succeed at the highest level lay behind her gentle and unfailingly polite exterior. Her excellent grades, are the result of her unstinting effort and great ability. We are delighted that these qualities have been recognised by the London School of Economics where Yating will study Business Mathematics and Statistics.

Alongside her A level studies, Yating voluntarily attended classes in Economics and contributed much to College life at DLD as a stalwart of the Maths Club, a medallist in the Physics Olympiad and a keen member of the Ukelele Band. She lists sampling English tea as a favourite pastime.

Yating is going to study Statistics and Management for Business at UCL.


Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Physics A
Chemistry A


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September 22, 2016