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Yelzhan Onglas

Yelzhan Onglas

Yelzhan, originally from Kazakhstan, joined DLD College in September 2015.  He frequently displayed determination to excel, supplementing his learning by attending extra-curricular lectures and by following various online courses. He held a long term intention to develop an awareness of Economics studying various schools of thought on the subject and plans to study this at degree level.

Across all his subjects, Yelzhan’s teachers consistently praised his motivation and resilience and it was this attitude towards his studies, which ultimately led to his very impressive results. Yelzhan was an active member of the DLD Community, sitting on the Student Council and working as a mentor to other students within the College.  We are delighted that he will study Economics and Business with East European Studies at UCL

Yelzhan has gone to University College London to study Economics and Business with East European Studies.


Maths A*
Russian A*
Further Maths A
Economics B


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September 22, 2017