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Yeye Chen

Yeye Chen

A Level Subjects:

Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A
Physics A


Imperial College London




Yeye joined DLD from China in January 2018 for the intensive 18 month A level programme. He quickly established himself as an excellent, independent and mature learner. He was an extremely able mathematician and enjoyed gaining a deep understanding of new concepts. He clearly loved Mathematics and revelled in its challenges. After only six months of study he obtained an impressive A* in Maths A level. In Physics he was thoughtful and diligent in his approach and was never satisfied until he fully understood a topic. He asked pertinent questions that benefited everyone in the class and he often contributed perceptive comments.
Outside of his studies, Yeye tutored Maths to his peers. He was also a valuable asset to the basketball team. He was a well-liked member of the College and the boarding community.
Yeye achieved excellent results. He thoroughly deserves his place to study Computing at Imperial College London where we are sure he will thrive.


Posted on

October 14, 2019