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Yitong Liu

“I am so happy that I chose to study at Abbey College Manchester. The International Foundation Programme was a great choice for me; it was a suitable course and meant that I could gain a university place after I completed my time here.

The teachers at the college were so helpful to me during my time studying here. In lessons they would strive for my success, but if I could not understand anything they would be always willing to assist me until I was able to. My teachers were so knowledgeable about their subjects too, so I knew their answers would be very useful.

Also, at Abbey College Manchester I was able to meet a wide variety of people, many from different countries and ethnicities who I would not have interacted with was it not for studying here, and this created a diverse community where I made many friends.”

Yitong has gone to the University of Manchester to study Business Management.

International Foundation Programme:

Business Pathway


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September 25, 2017