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Yu Jie Lim

Previous School:

Jit Sin High School

Year Group:

A Level, Upper Sixth

A Level Subjects:

History A
Government & Politics B
Psychology A*


Psychology at St Andrews University

“The teachers in my subjects are really inspiring. They do their best to make us the best people we could be, not just academically, but also in various aspects like learning to treat others well. They work hard to think of ways to make lessons interesting, and would always advise us when we face any difficulties in our studies. They’re also willing to mark extra work without fail and give us the best feedback possible. The knowledge I obtained from the Psychology Pre-Degree Diploma made me surer of what I wanted to be in the future. The whole programme allowed me to learn various skills like research and presentation skills, which I wrote about in my personal statement.”


Posted on

October 8, 2019