GCSE Results 2021

Our younger students have performed admirably in GCSE this year, with over 90% achieiving a ‘good pass’ of 4 and above and over 60% of GCSEs taken within the group achieving the top 9-7 grades (equivalent to A*-A under the old grading system) setting the foundation for success at higher level study.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges GCSE results 2021

A Level Results 2021

Across all 3 of our colleges in 2021 our A Level students achieved anexceptional set of results in 2021, with more than a third (34%) of A Levels taken by our students achieved the top A* grade, with nearly two thirds (64%) of A Levels marked at grades A*-A. 86% of students achieved A*-B and  97% of A Levels taken by students at Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London and Abbey College Manchester achieved A*-C. Our overall pass rate across all three colleges was an impressive 100%.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges A Level Results 2021

Advanced level qualifications, commonly known as ‘A Levels’ are the most widely recognised qualification used for entrance to UK universities. Across the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges we offer students more than 30 A Level subject combinations – most students will take 3 or 4 A Level subjects, offering students a good balance between subject specialisation and choice, allowing them to focus on the subjects that really interest them whilst maintaining breadth of subject choice.

Abbey College Cambridge Results.

DLD College London Results.

Abbey College Manchester Results.


International Foundation Programme Results 2021

This year our International Foundation students achieved an average score of 72% across all pathways and all colleges, a score that will help them to meet the conditions of their offers at a wide range of top-ranked universities.