Study at Abbey College Manchester in January 2022

At Abbey College Manchester we have welcomed thousands of students from around the world into our friendly college community. We take pride in helping our students to achieve personal and academic development and to move on to world-class universities, including world-renowned local universities such as the University of Manchester.


At Abbey College Manchester we have the following courses available for January 2022:

18 Month GCSE ProgrammeTwo and a Half Year A Level Programme
18 Month International Foundation Programme
18 Month Academic Studies (GCSE or International Foundation Programme) with Football or Basketball Training
English with Sport

Find out more about each of our January 2022 start programmes below.


Student in GCSE class at Abbey College Manchester

General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE) represent the first stage on the path to study at a UK university. Many institutions will ask for at least 5 GCSE passes for entry, including English or IELTS and Maths.

In 2021 91% of GCSEs awarded to Abbey College Manchester students achieved grades 9-4 (A** – C).

January 2022 GCSE study option

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
GCSE 18 Months

(Jan 2022 – July 2023)


18 Months with Basketball/Football Training

  • Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
 A Level

International Foundation Programme

Why study GCSEs?

Depending on the duration of studies, GCSE students will take between 5-6 subjects. GCSEs provide an introduction to the UK education system, offering students a breadth of subjects, time to familiarise themselves with the academic rigor of the UK education system and improve their English (English Language or IELTS is a compulsory GCSE subject). GCSEs also provide a natural pathway to A Levels, and students who have taken GCSEs tend to perform better in higher level examinations.

How are they taught?   

GCSE course content is broken up into topics, with an emphasis on understanding the connection between topics within the wider context of the subject.  The exams are linear which means they are all taken at the end of the course.


GCSEs are assessed by an end of course exam. Some subjects will also by coursework or practical work.


Female student in A Level class at Abbey College Manchester

Advanced Level courses, commonly known as ‘A Levels’ are the most widely recognised qualification for entry to UK universities.

In 2021, 83% of A Levels awarded to Abbey College Manchester students achieved grades A* – B.

January 2022 A Level study option

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
A Level 2.5 Years

(Jan 2022 – July 2024)



Pre-Sessional Programme (Jan – June 2022) followed by 2 Year A level Programme.

2 Year A Level Subjects:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Photography
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
Undergraduate course at university

January – June 2022 is a focus on English in preparation for September when three A Level subjects can be chosen.

IELTs is an additional subject taught alongside A Levels for those who require it.

Why study A Levels?

Most students will take three A Level subjects over the duration of their studies. A Levels offer a good balance between subjects specialisation and choice, allowing students to focus on the subject that really interest them with the option of maintain breadth of subject choice. A Levels offer progression to the widest range of universities, both in the UK and abroad.

 How are they taught?

Course content is divided into different topics, and students are encouraged to develop and understand the links between them. Learning is underpinned by the key concepts of the skills of the subject, with a strong focus on their practical real world application.


A Levels have a linear structure, which means that all exams take place at the end of the final year. Most A Level subjects are assessed by written examination unless the course has a large practical element (such as in Art or Photography) or coursework such as Geography.  All science A Levels have a practical endorsement which does not contribute to the final score, but is compulsory to pass the A Level.


Student in Foundation class at Abbey College Manchester

Our International Foundation Programme (IFP) is an intensive year 13 academic programme that offers international students direct entry to a wide range of UK universities.

In 2021, Abbey College Manchester students achieved an average overall score of 71% on our foundation programme.

January 2021 International Foundation Programme Study options

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
International Foundation Programme 18 Month

(Jan 2021 – July 2022)



  • Business & Economics
  • Creative Art
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Science
Undergraduate course at university
International Foundation Programme 18 Month with Basketball/Football Training

(Jan 2021 – July 2022)



  • Business & Economics
  • Engineering
  • Sports
Undergraduate course at university

Why study International Foundation Programme?

One advantage of our foundation programmes is that the destinations are not limited to a choice of one or two partner universities. This means students are able to progress to all but three UK universities, including many top-ranked Russell Group institutions.

How are they taught?

Students choose two subject strands to makeup the pathway, e.g. maths and physics for engineering.  Key skills in taught alongside the main subjects.  Each subject strand is modular with the examinations taken in December, March and June.  there is the opportunity to resit up to two units in June.   The medicine pathway has a slightly different structure because three subject strands are chosen.  IELTS is taught alongside the IFP for those who require it.


Students will achieve a percentage score for the programme; typical offers from universities require 45% – 85% for entry to degree programmes.


Why study Academic Studies with Football/Basketball Training?

Academic Studies With Football Student

This is a unique opportunity for students to gain qualifications for entry to university alongside intensive football or basketball training, which could lead to playing professionally or semi-professionally in the future. Football or Basketball training sessions are added to students’ timetables without impacting on the core study requirements to gain their qualification.

How is it taught?

Students will study on our high quality GCSE or International Foundation Programmes in the mornings andhave football or basketball training sessions led by professional coaches in the afternoon.


Assessment will follow the specifications of the academic course students choose to pursue, these areGCSE and International Foundation Programme.


Our student athletes train at purpose-built professional standard training facilities. Training sessions are run by professional coaches. Basketball students train at the English National Basketball Centre alongside the Manchester Giants BBL professional basketball team. For our students who want to take the next step, we organise regular trials with professional football and basketball teams.


Female Students In Class At Abbey College Manchester

Spend a term improving your English language skills and developing your Football or Basketball skills.

Why study with us? 

  • Improve your written and spoken English
  • Live and study in the sporting capital of the UK, the vibrant city of Manchester
  • Study in the classroom in the morning and then attend one of our professional sports training facilities in the afternoon – Football or Basketball
  • High quality accommodation and pastoral support included

Whilst you study you will become a full member of our diverse student community.

Upon completion of your studies, you will receive a comprehensive academic report and completion certificate to take home. If you enjoy your time here, you can also choose to join the full GCSE or A Level course and complete your university studies in the UK or at home.

Please note that there are limited places on these courses available.

Why Abbey College Manchester?

Students in common room at Abbey college manchester

Abbey College Manchester is a top Independent Sixth-Form College in Manchester, UK, offering A-level courses, GCSE courses, and International Foundation Programmes.

  • We offer a  small, friendly, welcoming community
  • British and International students integrate and learn together
  • An Innovative and flexible course offering
  • We provide a pathway to world-class northern universities
  • We are experts at preparing students for challenging courses such as medicine

For the past thirty years we have been proudly based in the heart of Manchester, in that time that we have embraced some of the city’s best qualities; innovation, pragmatism, a sense of humour and a practical spirit.

We have welcomed several thousand students from around the world and the local area into our friendly college community, and we take pride in helping our students to achieve personal and academic development, and to move on to world-class universities, many of which like our local University of Manchester, are located in our region.

We are the smallest of the three DLD colleges, and have the highest proportion of British students studying with us, which makes classes and life in college an interesting and invigorating mix of local and international cultures.



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