Study at Abbey DLD Group of Colleges in January 2022

Our group of leading international colleges based in Cambridge, London and Manchester offer a range of high-quality academic programmes for students looking to start their studies this January, or September 2022.

Our colleges have many years’ experience of teaching and supporting international students. Expert teachers create individual development plans and work closely in small classes to help each student achieve their academic and personal goals.


Student must be between the age of 13-21 to study at Abbey DLD Group of Colleges
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Across all three colleges, academic results are some of the best in the UK. The majority of our students’ progress on to top-ranked UK universities.

  • 1/3 of Abbey DLD Students achieved A* at A Level
  • 65% of students achieved A* – A,
  • Over 73% average score in International Foundation Programmes
  • Around one-third of GCSE students achieved grades 9 or 8.

January 2022 Start Courses Available.


Here are some of our Student Success stories from last year.


2021 Academic Results, Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

2021 GCSE Results

9 (A**) 9-8 (A**-A*) 9-7 (A**-A) 9-6 (A**-B) 9 – 5/4 (A**-C)
22% 40% 61% 75% 93%

2021 A Level Results

A* A*-A A*-B A*-C A*-E
34% 64% 86% 97% 100%

2021 University Destinations for our Abbey DLD Group of Colleges A Level students include: University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, St Andrews University, University of Warwick, University of Bristol, King’s College London, University of Manchester, University of Bath, University of York, Durham University and the University of Exeter.

2021 International Foundation Programme Results 2021

Average Score achieved.

Abbey College Cambridge DLD College London Abbey College Manchester All Colleges
75% 69.5% 70% 72%

2021 University Destinations for our Abbey DLD Group of Colleges A Level students include: King’s College London, University of Exeter, University of Nottingham, Newcastle University, Durham University, University of Manchester, City University of London, Lancaster University, University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, and Queen Mary University of London.


University success starts with excellent guidance. Each of our colleges offers tailored support before and during the application process:

UCAS advice, help with application paperwork, preparation for university entrance tests and specialist help with applications to OxfordCambridge, medical and dental schools. We also look beyond university to help you with work experience and career advice.

Abbey Study Skills Programmes:
Each College offers a specific programme to help students develop skills that are essential to success in university: critical thinking, independent learning, using and quoting research articles etc.

Our Pre University programmes are:

Because of the intense competition for places, if you would like to progress to the very top universities, especially Oxford or Cambridge, A Level success alone might not be enough. That is why we offer students extensive support to take additional exams and wider programmes designed to help those aiming for the very highest level.

  • Olympiads:
    Participation in national and international Olympiad competitions provide students with the opportunity to further test their mathematical and science skills. Abbey DLD students have won several Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in these events for their efforts in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in recent years.
  • Advanced Extension Awards (AEA):
    We encourage our most gifted and motivated students to work towards the Advanced Extension Award. This is like an A Level in terms of content, but the questions are more challenging. AEAs are a useful additional qualification when applying for the most prestigious universities.
  • STEP and University Entrance Papers:
    The most competitive universities increasingly use additional tests to select their students. We therefore offer a programme to teach students individually and insmall groups for these examinations, including Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP), Bio-Medical Admissions Test (BMAT) and UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT).


Beyond education, our service includes practical help with VISAs, social programmes to help you make friends and 24/7 care through House Parents and on site Nurses.

After you have completed your enrolment, we provide you with everything you need to prepare for your new life in the UK. Our Pre Arrival information pack contains everything you need to know before joining us:

  • Key contacts
  • Term dates and timetables
  • We send a pre-course reading list and preparation programme. Our Accommodation team will send a list of what items they (you/the student) need to bring to the UK.

On Arrival:

  • We offer an airport pick-up service
  • We show you around your new College and city
  • We help you open a bank account, register with a doctor and work out your public transport choices
  • We help you with applying for your visa and registering with the police
  • You will meet the house parents and staff members who live within your accommodation

College Induction

Our students attend a programme over a number of days in the week before lessons begin to tour the College, meet key staff members, formally enrol and receive their timetables.

You will meet your personal tutor weekly. He or she will monitor your academic progress and attendance, as well as deal with any welfare issues.

We monitor attendance through registration at the start of every lesson. We are totally focused on ensuring you have a responsive, supportive environment in which to learn.

We supply parents with regular reports on areas such as general achievement, attitude and any concerns. We encourage parents to maintain close contact with personal tutors and our pastoral team to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress with us. We also communicate by email or text with parents regarding urgent matters, such as unexpected absence or illness.