BTEC Students At DLD College London


BTECs are available at DLD College London. Business and Technology Education Council Diplomas (BTECs) offer an alternative route to study at UK universities. BTECs provide a practical, real-world approach to learning whilst delivering key theoretical background.

BTEC Course Duration and Start Dates

Duration Starts Every English Requirement (Minimum)
1 Year September IELTS 5.5
2 Year September IELTS 5.5

BTEC Pathways

Business  Creative Digital Media Production


Why Study BTECs?

Every year, over a quarter of the students accepted into UK universities, have studied BTECs. With their focus on work-related learning and real-world application, BTECs have grown in popularity because they allow students to develop practical skills related to the career they want to pursue, as well as understand the theory that underpins them.

DLD College London BTEC students have recently worked with Ticketmaster, the British Film Institute (BFI) and Harrods. Having the opportunity to engage with real-world employers is an element that separates BTEC courses from more traditional study. They are recognised in more than 100 countries and in recent years DLD graduates have moved on to study at top UK universities, and in Europe and North America.

How are BTECs Taught?

DLD College London offers BTEC qualifications that are the equivalent to taking three (two year programme) or one (one year programme) A Level subjects. BTECs are divided into units, which cover specific areas of knowledge, skills, and understanding required by a particular sector or industry. They are a flexible qualification and can be taken alongside A Level.

BTEC Assessment

BTECs offer students a variety of assessment methods which allows them to build on their strengths. Each course provides students with a mix of project-based assessments, which typically involve employer links as well as written tests, online assessments, and examinations.

DLD College London BTEC Results 2021

% of students achieving 50% 93%