Teacher And Students In GCSE English Class


General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE) represent the first stage on the path to study at a UK university. Most universities will ask for at least 5 GCSE passes for entry.

GCSE Course Durations and Start Dates.

Duration Starts Every English Requirement (Minimum) Available At
1 year September IELTS 5.0 Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, Abbey College Manchester
18 month January IELTS 4.5 Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, Abbey College Manchester
2 year September IELTS 4.5 Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, Abbey College Manchester


Why Study GCSE?

Depending on the duration of studies, GCSE students will take between 6-9 subjects. GCSEs provide a great ‘grounding’, offering students a wide breadth of subjects, time to familiarise themselves with the
UK education system and improve their English (English Language is a compulsory GCSE subject).GCSEs also provide a natural pathway to A Levels, and students who have taken them tend to perform better in higher level examinations.

How are GCSEs Taught?

GCSE course content is broken up into units, each unit is taught in a linear structure, with an emphasis on understanding the connection between topics within the wider context of the subject.


GCSEs are assessed by an end of course exam. Some subjects will also be assessed by coursework or practical work.

Abbey DLD Group of Colleges GCSE Results 2021

Grade 9 Grades 9-8 Grades 9-7 Grades 9-6 Grades 9-5
Abbey College Cambridge 25% 45% 65% 78% 92%
DLD College London 22% 40% 62% 80% 92%
Abbey College Manchester 14% 28% 49% 60% 91%
All College Average 22% 40% 61% 75% 92%

We offer the following GCSE subjects to choose from across our colleges.

Abbey College Cambridge DLD College London Abbey College Manchester
Accounting Yes
Art & Design Yes Yes Yes
Biology Yes Yes Yes
Business Studies Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes Yes
Economics Yes Yes
English Literature Yes
English Language Yes Yes Yes
Film Studies Yes
French Yes
Further Mathematics Yes Yes
Geography Yes Yes
History Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes Yes
Religious Studies Yes

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