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Welcome to the Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges consists of three independent sixth form colleges located in Cambridge, London and Manchester. We offer GCSE, A-Level, BTEC, Foundation, Preparation, and Combined Studies Programmes. Since 1931 the Abbey DLD Group has been synonymous with premium quality education, top university destinations, and enriching student experiences.

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Ana | Georgia

‘Teachers helped me to achieve my best, and they would always give extra help when I needed it most.’

Eniola | Nigeria

‘I was made to feel so welcome by everyone; houseparents, other students, and teachers became friends.’

Fiona | Albania

‘I learnt each subject at a deep level. It has helped me grow a lot and has made me a better person.’

Ian | Malaysia

‘I have been taught by some very talented teachers.’

Jacky | Taiwan

‘It is a privilege to study here with cleverest students and professors in the world.’

Lujian | Egypt

‘Studying here has helped me to become more responsible and prepared for life at University.’

Maheyra | Bangladesh

‘It is a very diverse and welcoming community, both students and teachers are very approachable.’

Suleyman | Turkey

‘The teachers are the best! Their expertise inspired me to pursue a career in scientific research.’

Victoria | Uruguay

‘I have received plenty of support and encouragement to keep pushing and improving myself.’

Results & Destinations

Our students achieve strong academic results across a wide range of courses and subjects, progressing on to join top UK and global universities.


GCSE Results



GCSE Results



GCSE Results



Average Score

Abbey College Cambridge


Average Score

DLD College London


Average Score

Abbey College Manchester


A-Level Results



A-Level Results



A-Level Results



of A Level students

Join a Russell Group university


of International Foundation Programme students

Join a Russell Group university


of all students

Join a Medcine, Science, or Engineering course

Why Choose Abbey DLD?

DLD Abbey Colleges

Since 1931, Abbey DLD has been synonymous with high quality education, strong university destinations and enriching experiences. As an Abbey DLD student, you will leave college equipped with the skills and grades you need to progress in your career, having made friends and discoveries to remember for a life time.

Why Choose Us?


2024 University Offers Update
12 Jun 2024

Exam results play a crucial role in confirming our students’ university offers. This year Abbey DLD students have secured a wide range of offers at top-ranked UK universities. At present, our students have secured more than 500 offers of places at top-30 ranked UK universities (including offers at 19 of the top-20 ranked institutions). 7...

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