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Comparing the Differences Between the Turkish and UK Education Systems: A Guide for Turkish Students Thinking About Studying in the UK.

15th December 23

For Turkish students considering studying in the United Kingdom, understanding the differences between the Turkish and British education systems is crucial for making an informed decision. Both systems have their own unique structures, curricula, teaching methods, and assessment systems. This guide will provide a comprehensive comparison between the two education systems, helping Turkish students navigate…

Ради чего идут в школы Abbey DLD?

25th July 23

Главное, ради чего идут в наши школы – это высокое качество образования, надежная подготовка к поступлению в университет и развитая система поддержки учащихся с самого первого дня обучения. Стратегия наших независимых школ Упор прежде всего на академические достижения – школы делают все возможное для подготовки к успешному поступлению в университет, очень важно, что студенты изучают предметы…

A-Levels and Foundation programmes – what are your options?

18th July 23

In the UK, A-Levels and Foundation programmes are two common educational pathways for students looking to pursue higher education. Here’s an overview of these options: A-Levels (Advanced Levels): A-Levels are two-year subject-based qualifications typically taken by students aged 16-19. They are the most traditional academic route for progression to universities and colleges in the UK….

Looking to switch schools? What are the visa implications for international students?

18th July 23

When considering switching schools within the UK, there can be certain visa implications for international students depending on your immigration status and the type of visa you hold. Here are some general guidelines, but please note that immigration regulations may change, so it is always best to consult with our colleges’ visa teams, official sources,…

Which is better – a selective or non-selective British school ?

14th July 23

In this blog, we will discuss the age-old question of whether a selective or non-selective British school is better for secondary education.  Considering their strengths, interests, and learning style is crucial when deciding which type of school would be most suitable for them.

Unlocking Opportunities: The Advantages of Studying A-Levels in the UK for Progressing to Top Oxbridge Universities for Saudi Students

14th July 23

In this article, we will explore the advantages of pursuing A-Levels in the UK for Saudi students aspiring to progress to the top Oxbridge universities. By considering this pathway, Saudi students position themselves for success and maximise their chances of gaining admission into the top Oxbridge universities.

Nigerian Students Thriving in UK A-Level Programmes: Unlocking a Pathway to Success

14th July 23

Nigerian students pursuing A-levels in the UK are poised for a transformative educational experience that sets the stage for future success and impact.