Student Success Stories


Agustin Abbey College Cambridge

From Uruguay / Italy
Previous School International School
Chemistry A*
Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Physics A*
Destination Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge

‘‘Students here help each other through motivation and competition, and teachers nurture their students to become better.

I have never known such a supportive environment, I received great help when applying to university and preparing for my final exams.  I feel more ready then ever to tackle the challenges I will be facing at university.”


From Korea
Previous School Chesterton Community College
Chemistry A*
Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*
Physics A*
Destination Engineering at the University of Oxford

‘‘I learnt how to study here, not just in terms of learning about subjects, but also about Teamwork and spending my time efficiently.  I became a more independent learner, if I am curious I do research and think about it, which will be absolutely essential in the future.

Whenever I had a questions that I could not find the answer to on my own, teachers helped me by explaining it until I did.  Cambridge is a good place to study.  The sity is quiet and peaceful, you are also motivated by the colleges of the University of Cambridge and the intelligent students here.”



Yiping Abbey College Cambridge

From China
Previous School Shanghai Kongjang Senior High School
A Levels History A*
Mathematics A*
Psychology A*
Destination Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford

“I enjoyed lessons most of all, they are so engaging and inspiring!  My teachers have stretched me so much, by suggesting extra work and resources and giving helpful feedback which really helped to broaden my knowledge.

The Pre-Degree Diploma really helped me find out about universities that offer my course and pin down my choices for application, I also learned about careers after university.

A lot has changed in the past two years, but the most important thing is that my time at Abbey helped me to find my true passion and be who I want to be. “


From Egypt
International Foundation Programme Medicine Pathway
Course Medicine at Aston University

“Although I was a little nervous at the start, I need not have worried – everyone was ever so friendly and welcoming. The learning resources and equipment in the college were good. The teachers made the classes enjoyable and they were very interactive. Having small class sizes helped my confidence and communication skills.

I got really good help and  when preparing my university application and did well in my examinations and managed to get to the university and onto the course I really wanted. The experience at Abbey College Manchester was one I will never forget and hopefully, there will be more students from Egypt that will come and study in Manchester in the future.”



From Nigeria
International Foundation Programme  Engineering Pathway with Football Training
Course Civil Engineering at the University of Nottingham

“It has helped a lot with technical skills required in the game, communication skills with teammates on and off the pitch and has also given us exposure and massive insights on what being a professional footballer is all about.”


From India
International Foundation Programme Medical Pathway
Course Medicine at Aston University

“I think my teachers are one of the main reasons I was able to perform well throughout the programme.  They were a constant factor of providing support whether academically or for other reasons.  They always encouraged me and pushed me to apply for Aston even though I felt I was not good enough to get in. 

Abbey College Manchester has made me a lot more open minded.  I made me understand the responsibilities I have towards myself and to those around me.  It has made me more confident and I feel better prepared for university than I was a year ago.”


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