Study at Abbey DLD – Group of Colleges in 2021

Study at Abbey DLD – Group of Colleges in 2021

Our group of leading international colleges based in Cambridge, London and Manchester offer a range of high-quality academic programmes for students looking to start their studies this January, or September 2021.

Our colleges have many years’ experience of teaching and supporting international students. Expert teachers create individual development plans and work closely in small classes to help each student achieve their academic and personal goals.

Across all three colleges, academic results are some of the best in the UK. The majority of our students’ progress on to top-ranked UK universities.

  • 1/3 of Abbey DLD Students achieved A* at A Level
  • 65% of students achieved A* – A,
  • Over 73% average score in International Foundation Programmes
  • Around one-third of GCSE students achieved grades 9 or 8.

This January, students will have the option of joining us in college or starting their studies online and joining us in person from April 2021.

Here are the available course offerings starting in January 2021.

Join Us in January 2021

Find out more about the academic programmes available at each of our colleges this January by clicking on the links below

Abbey College Cambridge

January Start Courses at Abbey College Cambridge

DLD College London

January Start courses at DLD College London

Abbey College Manchester

January Start Courses at Abbey College Manchester

At each college we offer high-quality urban boarding with luxury, safety and comfort our priority. To enable our students to continue learning through the Covid pandemic, we created an industry leading online learning programme, enabling our students to achieve impressive results in this year’s examinations.

Online Learning

The best option is always to join in person for your studies, but we understand in the current situation that may not be possible.

That’s why we are offering students starting with us in January 2021 the option to begin their studies remotely. Learning online, you’ll attend the same classes, with lessons delivered by the same world-class teachers as students who are attending in person. Our colleges have become leaders in online learning, and we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and learning opportunities for our remote students.

You can join us remotely for the first term of your studies, and then join us in person for your second term from April 2021.


Our Courses are for students between 14-21 years of age