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Our International Foundation Programme is an intensive year 13 academic programme starting in September that offers international students direct entry to undergraduate courses a wide range of UK universities.

Foundation Pathways Available

International Foundation Programme Pathway Table


Student must be between the age of 14-21 to study at Abbey DLD Group of Colleges
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International Foundation Programme results and destinations 2020

In 2020 our Abbey DLD College students achieved an average score of 72% on our International Foundation Programme and progressed on to study at a wider range of universities in the UK and abroad, including at many ranked in the top 2o of UK institutions.


Why study International Foundation Programme?

Foundation class at DLD College LondonOur International Foundation Programme (IFP) is an intensive year 13 academic programme that offers international students direct entry to a wide range of UK universities.

In 2020, Abbey DLD Students students achieved an average overall score of 72% on our foundation programme.

Why study International Foundation Programme?

Unlike many foundation programmes, our destinations are limited to a choice of one or two partner universities. This means students are free to progress to a wide range of UK universities, including many top-ranked Russell Group institutions.

How is it taught?

Science Foundation Programme Student

The programme offers a range of subject-related pathways, which give access to complementary subjects at university. Each pathway is made up of a number of modules, depending on which pathway you choose you might have a choice of modules, they may be all compulsory, or a mix of elective and compulsory modules.


Business Foundation Programme StudentEach module is assessed individually, with three assessment points through each term. Students will achieve an overall score based on all their individual module assessments.

Our College Locations

Our colleges are located in three of the UK’s most exciting cities. Each college has its own unique personality, but we are united by the goal of providing a high quality British education to students from around the world.

Our Colleges at a glance

Abbey College Cambridge

Abbey College Cambridge

  • Located in t e heart of the world’s most prestigious university city.
  • Focus on traditional courses and subjects
  • Range of on an off-campus boarding options.
  • Extensive extra-curricular programme
  • Quiet learning environment

DLD College London

DLD College London

  • Established as a top London college since 1931
  • Central London’s only purpose built, on campus school.
  • Wide range of course and subject options, focusing on creative business and humanities subjects
  • Specialist prepartion for top London and global universities
  • London offers unique and exciting cultural and academic experiences

Abbey College Manchester

Abbey College Manchester

  • A small and friendly college community where more than one thiord of students are British
  • Manchester is one of the best British citiies to live and study in
  • Pathway to world class Northern universities
  • Innovative and flexible courses
  • Experts in preparing stuents for medicine

Boarding Options

We know how important it is to have a place to call your own whilst you study, and that is why we provide our students with some of the best quality accommodation found at any UK boarding school.

Our student bedrooms are designed to offer a quiet haven where students can relax and study. We offer a range of different room options, but all come with features such as wifi, study desks, ample clothes and book storage as standard.

Outside of your room, we offer communal areas to meet with friends, socialise and study. Or common rooms feature well-equipped kitchens, lounges, and games facilities.

Live-in house parents provide 24/7 support and care to students, making sure that they feel well cared for, make firends and keep on track in their studies.

All of our boarding houses are secure buildings, with controlled access, on-site security and CCTV.

Start dates, Entry Requirements and Fees

International Foundation Programme start dates and entry requirements

Abbey College Cambridge

1 Year
Age on entry of the course 17 to 21
IELTS (Academic) 5


DLD College London

1 Year
Age at start of course 17, 18, 19, 20
IELTS (Academic) Level 5.0 (NB Medicine 6.0)


Abbey College Manchester

2 Year
Foundation 1 Year
Age on entry to the course 16, 17 or 18 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
IELTS (Academic) Business 4.5

Creative Arts 4.5

Engineering 4.5

Humanities 4.5

Medicine 6.0

Science 4.5

Business 5.0

Creative Arts 5.0

Engineering 5.0

Humanities 5.0

Medicine 6.5

Science 5.0



International Foundation Programme Course Fees

  Abbey College Cambridge DLD College London Abbey College Manchester
International Foundation Programme Two Year (Sep 2021 start) £21,680
International Foundation Programme One Year (Sep 2021 start) £32,805 £31,930 £25,415