Study at DLD College London in January 2022

Much like the city that we call home, DLD College London is a fusion of the historic and the modern. Our history dates back to 1931, and we still hold close traditional values such as academic rigour, discipline, and exam success. We’ve teamed these values with a focus on student wellbeing and personal development which means that graduates are well-adapted and prepared for their life after college.


DLD College London January 2022 Courses Available:

British Boarding School Experience
Academic Preparation Course
18 Month GCSE Programme
18 Month A Level Programme
18 Month International Foundation Programme

Find out more about each of our January 2022 start programmes below.


DLD students in science class

General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE) represent the first stage on the path to study at a UK university. Many institutions will ask for at least 5 GCSE passes for entry.

In 2021 80% of GCSEs awarded to DLD College London students achived grades 9-6 (A** – B).

January 2022 GCSE study options

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
GCSE 18 Months 

(Jan 2022 – July 2023)


Compulsory Subjects: 

  • Mathematics
  • English

Elective Subjects:

Students will join Year 10 classes and follow subjects agreed at interview.

 A Level 

International Foundation Programme


Why study GCSEs?

Depending on the duration of studies, GCSE students will take between 6-8 subjects. GCSEs provide a great ‘grounding’, offering students a wide breadth of subjects. time to familiarise themselves with the UK education system and improve their English (English Language is a compulsory GCSE subject). GCSEs also provide a natural pathway to A Levels, and students who have taken then tend to perform better in higher level examination.

How are they taught?   

GCSE course content is broken up into units, each unit is taught in a linear structure, with an emphasis on understanding the connection between topics within the wider context of the subject.


GCSEs are assessed by an end of course exam. Some subjects will also by coursework or practical work.



Art class at DLD College London

Advanced Level courses, commonly known as ‘A Levels’ are the most widely recognised qualification for entry to UK universities.

In 2021, 82% of A Levels awarded to DLD College London students achieved grades A* – B.

January 2022 A Level study options

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
A Level 18 Months 

(Jan 2022 – July 2023)



  • Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Government & Politics
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Physics

Any other subjects will be considered on a case by case basis. See here for full list of A Level subjects.

Undergraduate course at university

Why study A Levels?

Most students will take 4 or 3 A Level subjects over the duration of their studies. A Levels offer a good balance between subjects specialisation and choice, allowing students to focus on the subject that really interest them with the option of maintain breadth of subject choice. A Levels also offer progression the widest range of universities, and are the best options for students looking to join a top rated university.

 How are they taught?

Course content is divided into different sections, and students are encouraged to develop and understand the links between them. Learning is underpinned by the key concepts of the skills of the subject, with a strong focus on their practical real world application.


A Levels have a linear structure, which means that all exams take place at the end of the final year. Most A Level subjects are assessed by written examination unless the course has a large practical element (such as in Art of the sciences).


Foundation class at DLD College London

Our International Foundation Programme (IFP) is an intensive year 13 academic programme that offers international students direct entry to a wide range of UK universities.

In 2021, DLD College London students achieved an average overall score of 69.5% on our foundation programme.

January 2021 International Foundation Programme Study options

Course Duration Subjects available Progress to
International Foundation Programme  

18 Months

(Jan 2022 – July 2023)



  • Business & Economics
  • Mathematics & Economics
  • Social Sciences
Undergraduate course at university

Why study International Foundation Programme?

Unlike many foundation programmes, our destinations are limited to a choice of one or two partner universities. This means students are free to progress to a wide range of UK universities, including many top-ranked Russell Group institutions.

How are they taught?

The programme offers a range of subject-related pathways, which give access to complementary subjects at university. Each pathway is made up of a number of modules, depending on which pathway you choose you might have a choice of modules, they may be all compulsory, or a mix of elective and compulsory modules.


Each module is assessed individually, with three assessment points through each term. Students will achieve an average score.


Students and teacher in Academic English class at DLD College LondonOur Academic Preparation Course is designed to raise students’ ability in general and subject-specific English to enable them to join our academic programmes.

Course Duration Subjects covered Progress to
Academic Preparation Course  

One Term

(September 2021 – December 2021)


  • Art or Science (student choice)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication Skills
  • Reading and Study Skills
  • Research Project
  • PSHE
  • Sport

A Level

International Foundation Programme


Dependent on the level of language and academic abilities, our Pre-Sessional Programme can be taught for one, two or three terms. As well a strengthening English language skills, we will prepare students to learn in a typical British classroom environment. This includes skill development in areas such as pair work, project work, independent reading, discussion work and team building. Physical Education (PE) and Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE) also form part of our pre-sessional curriculum.



Students on DLD College London balconySpend a term studying the British curriculum and improving your English whilst boarding in the heart of one of the UK’s most exciting cities.

Course benefits:

  • Improve your written and spoken English
  • Live and study in one of three beautiful, historic and vibrant British cities
  • Study the globally recognised and admired British curriculum
  • High quality accommodation and pastoral support included
  • Study and live with ambitious students from around the world

Whilst you study you will become a full member of our diverse student community, with access to our exciting extra-curricular programme of weekly clubs, sports and activities and university preparation sessions.

Upon completion of your studies, you will receive a comprehensive academic report and completion certificate to take home. If you enjoy your time here, you can also choose to join the full course and complete your university studies in the UK or at home.

Why choose DLD College London?

Awards Winner

  • We provide the best on offer for urban boarding
  • We provide the highest levels of support for student wellbeing
  • We offer a wide choice of courses and subjects
  • We are experts in helping students progress to top London and international universities, including the US
  • We are Central London’s only on-campus boarding school
  • Our pastoral and learning student support is award winning
  • We help students make the most of the amazing learning experiences London has to offer

Much like the city that we call home, DLD College London is a fusion of the historic and the modern. Our history dates back to 1931, and we still hold close traditional values such as academic rigour, discipline, and exam success. We’ve teamed these values with a focus on student wellbeing and personal development which means that graduates are well-adapted and prepared for their life after sixth form.

As one of only two central London on-campus boarding schools, studying at DLD puts you in the heart of the city. Students wake up to the iconic London skyline outside their window, and our home on the South Bank puts some of London’s best leisure, eating and entertainment experience on your doorstep.

DLD College London has recently been announced as winner of ‘Independent Boarding School of the the Year’ and was also recognised with the Special Judges’ Award for its urban boarding offer and student wellbeing support at the prestigious Independent School of the Year 2020 Awards. Read more here.

In addition, DLD is a finalist in the Independent Schools’ Association Awards for Innovation in Pupil Voice – more details here

And was a finalist in the TES Awards for Boarding School of the Year – read more here.


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